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The P vs NP problem, often called the biggest unsolved problem in theoretical computer science, in it's simplest form asks - "Whether every problem whose solution can be verified quickly, can also be solved quickly". Belonging to one of the seven Millenium Problems put forth by the Clay Mathematical Institute, it carries a price of 1 million US Dollars for the first person to solve it correctly. In fact, it is so famous that it even has a movie on it aptly called "Travelling Salesman". Let's see if you can be the winner of those 1 million Dollars.

The term…

I have been a huge fan of gaming since my childhood. I was introduced to gaming by my brother at the age of 8 and when I was given the opportunity to create a project at my college, what better way to go about it than indulging in my main hobby. And hence, I decide to create a game.

Choosing to create what game was one of the most difficult choices I faced. Even though I enjoyed a lot many games, choosing a specific genre proved troublesome. This is when I first learned the importance of limiting the scope of…


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